5 Best tips to travel efficiently

If like me, you travel a lot, you might be interested in these tips to optimize your travel. I give you here my 5 best tips to travel efficiently:

1. Have always your travel essentials ready in a small cotton or plastic bag

This includes for me the following:
– Toiletries
– Aspirins
– Charger
– Travel cushion
– Earplugs
– Sleeping mask
– Refreshing towels
– Medications (pain killers, stomach pills…)
– Sun glasses
– Tiger Balm (this is a must ! It will help you for headache, mosquitoes bites prevention and relieves, muscle pain, massage…)
– Protein bars (will replace the unhealthy expensive snacks that you will find on your way, my favorites are the PowerBar Chocolate Brownie, 10g of proteine for 110 kcal and low sugar)
– Empty water bottle (at every airport you can find water fountains, this will help you to stay hydrated in airplanes, which prevents jet lag like explain in this article)
– Earphones

2. Bring a high capacity powerbank

A powerbank with more than 3/4 recharges can save you from long flights/trains/bus journey, lack of socket near you, missing adapters or just the convenience not to stress about your battery level when you are on the road for few days!

3. Have a copy of your important documents electronically

There is a great tool that I use on my phone to scan all the key documents I need at any time. This includes my passport but also key administrative documents that you might need for your work/registration or other application process. The app is called Mini Scanner from Readle.
Always keep an extra hard copy of your passport when you go abroad. It might come handy in case you loose both your passport and your cellphone!

4. Wash or buy clothes to travel like a minimalist !

If you are going to travel more than 4/5 days, you might consider to benefit from the pleasure of travelling “light” by using a laundry service (most of the time it will cost you less than to book an extra luggage). Another solution is to buy extra clothes where you are. This can serve both as a leisure for some of you or as a souvenir! And most of the time, travelling abroad is an opportunity to purchase other brands than are not available in your country/city.

5. Take advantage of the digital age !

Nowadays, everything is available on your phone or tablet. Here is a list of functionalities which come handy for travelling efficiently:
– E-Tickets instead of printed flight tickets (advantages: no risk of loosing it, faster check in)
Google maps instead of old map (advantages: you can download an offline map at home, you can pinpoint key addresses and you can even benefit from the AI of Google if you synchronize your account with Gmail. The AI of Google will recognize from your emails your hotel address, your restaurants reservations, activities, etc…)
Lonely planet (or others) as an e-book ! (advantages: lighter package, you can print screen, several copies available, bookmarks, zoom, possibility to download the e-book from wherever you are – that is actually how I discover it when I traveled to Costa Rica, I did not find a travel guide at the airport or at the library near me, then I found this really convenient solution – and another great argument: it is cheaper than a book !)
– Booking.com / Airbnb : with my wife, most of the time we only book the first night in advance. Then, based on our plan that we adapt every day based on our mood and wishes, we book our hotel thanks to Booking.com!

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